Private Rentals Servicing

Everything Cannes in partnership with Azure Online have rolled out a full package avaialble to Property Owners and small independant Agents whereby we are able to fully service your private rentals for your Guests at a fixed fee ...

Initial Setup/ Apartment Verifiation:

You simply need to tell us how many people, and the group makeup in terms of Couples/ Singles, along with any special requests. We send our professional team to the apartment ahead of the Guests arrival to set up the apartment for them. The apartment should be clean (if it is not, let us know and we can clean it but we will need more time scheduled!)

We set it up with Linens/ Towels and basic consumables according to your wishes.

At the same time our team does a simple verification of things like Water/ Electricity/ Lightbulbs etc and reports back if anything is amiss

Mid Stay Servicing:

For guests who would like to have "Maid Service" during their stay, this can be arranged at a price according to their needs.

Typically maid service will be a simple clean, however at the same time we can also arrange changing of Linens and Towels, according to your or the guests wishes.

Exit Cleaning:

Once the guests have checked out we then do the final intervention, which is to re-coup the Linens and towels, clean the apartment back to the level of cleanliness that is expected and to do any post-rental verifications that have been asked for!


Talk to us!

Housekeeping Services

For home cleaning - You pick up the phone, tell us what you want cleaned, and when. We give you a quote there and then and confirm it in writing.

For you - For all services, the idea is the same. You can use us regularly, occasionally, or just in emergencies, whatever suits you best. We'll always try to work around your schedules, fit in, make life easier.

Personalised service - To make using Azure Online as helpful and simple as possible, we'll keep all your relevant information and special instructions. They'll be at our fingertips whenever you call.

Rest easy - Azure Online strives to maintain the highest standards at all times. But, if for any reason you're not satisfied with any aspect of our service, please call us within 4 days. We'll listen to the problem and sort it out. That's our promise. All our services are fully insured.