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  • Property ID:
  • , Bathroom rental in ,
  • Sleeps: (If beds can't be shared) - (If couples)


  •  Star Quality


Please find below some information on the technical specification of the apartment:

Sleeping Arrangements

  • Apartment sleeps people sleeping as a family group (some beds shared!)
  • Apartment sleeps people sleeping separately (no beds shared!)

Ooops! It looks like this property that you are looking at is the only one in its class still avaialble for your time period! Best get ahead and reserve it, then!

If, however, it is not to your liking, please just contact us or do another search. We are sure you will find something perfect!"

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Talk to us!

Once your reservation has been confirmed and secured, we will also work with you to arrange the finer detail of your stay ...

  • Airport Transfers
  • Maid Service
  • Car Hire
  • Yacht Charter
  • Jet Charter

These are not services which are avaialble to all, they are solely for the added convenience of our clients. Please feel free to speak to our Guest Support Team!